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People helping injured at an accident that might benefit from having insurance.

What if I cant get insurance?

Often, people who ask me to get life insurance are those who have a hard time getting it due to pre-existing health conditions. If they

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2022 Federal Budget Summary

Budget Summary from AFR 26.10.22 -New parents – parental leave up from 20-26 weeks by 2026 -Families – childcare subsidies up July next year -Medicine

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Life Insurance Premiums 20.10.2022

The below premiums are sourced from over 10 major insurance companies (excluding TV advertised policies and superannuation policies). Not all policies have the same terms,

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Income Rates 7/9/22

Below are actual/estimated income rates of return from investment funds (with the exception of cash and TDs) effective 7/9/22.How could you use this table? You

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Mortgage Funds

What is a mortgage fund? A fund that invests in loans and passes on the rate of interest as a return.  How does it work?

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Income Protection

Would you consider paying 1% of your wage (can be more or less) to extend your sick leave? If the answer is maybe, and you

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What is Child Cover?

Depending on the insurance provider, child cover may provide a lump sum payment if the insured child dies, becomes terminally ill or is diagnosed with

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