Financial Advice

In-person sessions

Depending on location and need we can arrange to meet at a local Café, serviced office or where you are.

remote sessions

We run virtual sessions on Zoom. 

A computer screen is ideal to see written text and numbers. No need for camera or microphone as can use your phone. 

Services Provided


We cover

  • Asset classes, risks and returns
  • A broad range of investment options
  • A range of platforms to hold these investments


We cover

  • Investments
  • Tax effective contributions
  • Tax effective income streams 
  • Centrelink effective strategies

Personal Insurance

We cover

  • Life & Terminal Illness
  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Trauma / Critical Illness
  • Income Protection / Salary Continuance
  • Child Cover
  • Insurance Needs Analysis

How it works


We discuss your short, medium and long term goals and how to structure your finances to best achieve them.

Fact Find

We discuss the details of your personal and financial situation and keep this information privately. We may discuss opportunities for improvement to your financial situation that you may not be aware of. Providing this information in advance will assist the process.


We help you understand your options so we can make better informed decisions together.

We may have to do more research or analysis depending on your situation.

Statement of Advice

Depending on the situation or products recommended we may write a Statement of Advice that links the recommendations to your goals. This includes benefits, risks and costs to the recommendations.


Paperwork, coordination, we will help you put your plan into action.

Ongoing Service

We help keep you on track to achieving your goals by checking in and adjusting for changes to your situation.

common questions

  • Spend a lot of time researching risks and performance of a wider range of investment options and platforms.
  • Spend more time making sure you understand each option. 
  • More flexible around customising your options.
  • Transparently show performance against benchmarks and make fair comparisons.

Direct invoice, Electronic Funds Transfer, Bpay, Credit Card, payment from product, payment from superannuation.

We discuss low, medium and high cost options for you as opposed to only the high cost option.

We are usually paid by commissions.

Currently we coordinate this type of work with an external but trusted mortgage broker. 

We can meet at a local café, book a serviced office or meet where you are. 

Most benefit from an initial face to face meeting followed by Zoom meetings, emails and phone calls.

We have found Zoom works very well especially when we can both see the work on screen at the same time. If you don’t want to connect the microphone or camera, no worries, a phone and computer will be more than sufficient.

We are currently based in Riverwood, around 40 mins South West from Sydney City.

We are flexible on this, however the more you bring, the more time we can spend on talking about what we can do for you rather than finding information.

Bringing the following would be useful:

  • Details of your Income or Tax return
  • Expense Budget
  • List of assets and liabilities.
  • Superannuation statements.
  • Insurance Statements.
  • Same for your partner if you are in a relationship.


If you feel secure in our privacy, feel free to email these through in advance.

Yes and we don’t pass on details to your friends, family or marketers.

We are licensed by Interprac Financial Planning who require access to our files for audit purposes therefore your information may be shared with them.

Our privacy policy is contained in our Financial Services Guide which lists the other parties we may share information with.

If there is anything more private you wish to discuss in person please let us know in advance.