*Not financial advice*

-Dividends paid 06/2022 year: 11.2% plus 100% franking
-Current price 39.41 (1 year low 35.56, 1 year high 53.72)
-Businesses – Copper/Iron Ore/Nickel/Metallurgical Coal/Potash

-Dividends paid 12/2021 year: RIO 9.4% plus 100% franking
-Current price 93.04 (1 year low 87.28, 1 year high 128.55)
-Businesses – Copper/Iron Ore/Aluminium/Diamonds/Coal/Salt/ Titanium dioxide/Uranium/Borates

-Share price volatility (50% drop to 5 year low)
-Concentration risk – you put too much money into this
-Global demand for resources slowing with slowing economy
-Commodity price swings
-Company management
-Government taxation

Ways to diversify risk
-Buy through a fund/ETF – eg Vanguard Aust Sh Fund invests 9% of the fund in BHP
-Buy shares from other sectors, starting with larger cap shares -but generally need higher balance to do this in a cost and risk effective manner.

Stat sources above from Morningstar.