Below are actual/estimated income rates of return from investment funds (with the exception of cash and TDs) effective 7/9/22.
How could you use this table? You could look at:
1.      How much income you need.
2.      How frequently you need it.
3.      How long you can lock it away for.
4.      The risk you are willing to take (can you afford to lose up to 50% in sharemarket swings) or have the money frozen.
5.      Mixing the above investments according to short term, medium term and long term timeframes.

•  People who seek capital stability might invest in Cash, Term Deposits and maybe mortgage investments.
•  People who want income plus the potential for capital gain (or loss), might add in some property and shares.
• It’s good to get a mixed bag of investments tailored to your needs. • Speak to your financial adviser for further information or if you don’t have one feel free to message me.
• Further details in the comments section of this post.