The below premiums are sourced from over 10 major insurance companies (excluding TV advertised policies and superannuation policies). Not all policies have the same terms, so advice is generally best.

Protect yourself and your family in case you cannot work anymore due to death/illness/accident.

If you wanted to halve the cost of the above table then you could simply halve the sum insured.

Payment options- super / non-super
Above Retail Pricing: Clerical/Admin, non-smoker, monthly, steps up with age, flexi linked,
health history loadings/exclusions not taken into account. Child cover extra.
Life/TPD/Trauma: 1,000,000/1,000,000/100,000 – combined/flexi-linked
Income Protection – $3,500/month, 30 day wait, 2 year benefit, tax deductible/super rebate
Strategies to reduce premiums
* Reduce sum insured, reduce features.
*  Requote to newer product (prices change often)
*  Tax deduction for income protection outside super
*  Tax rebate for Life/TPD inside super
*  Reprice at safer occupation, stopped smoking, reduction in weight.
Get some preliminary quotes from your super fund/insurance companies or speak to your financial adviser/insurance broker.